Earthworm jerky exists, unfortunately


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Better than an earthworm jerk…



That worm looks really fit. I bet he’s been to the earthworm gym.


Was there ever a YouTube channel called “Will it jerky?” I want to know but don’t want to look, I’m afraid of what I might see.


For the rugged, outdoorsy Trout in your life.



Free-range organic and sun-cured on wholesome local sidewalks. Yummm-mmmmm.


This is the future of food, my friends.


“How To Eat Fried Dried Worms.”


I read “earworm” and got really confused.


I’ve been hoping for a new Earthworm Jim game to be made. Loved the original to bits.


After eating those annelids, you’ll need an anal lid.



Terrestrial versions of spoo

"…the Interstellar Animal Rights Protection League’s official policy towards the treatment and well being of spoo is simply “Kill 'em.”


Only in Trump’s America. Next we’ll be melting down household scrap metals to build infrastructure.


What? We’re going to build infrastructure?? Who knew???


Agreed! The art style, the music, the voices, the variety of gameplay… truly a gem.


Yeah, We as in not federally funded, cutting frivolous corners is the Trumpocratic way.


(Hopefully the timestamp works, otherwise go to 1:09:10)



Do the slice them lengthwise?

Could you sell a marinated and dried whole cow as “jerky”?