Another Rad Sad Bad Poll


Screw old friends


What a pointless poll. My goals for the week included getting some interior house painting done, relocating a natural gas line and keeping my boy on task. So far, being Thursday, I’m at least 71% on track.


Screw new people.

Screw strangers.

Damn extroverts.


What is your goal for the next seven days

(Write ins are welcome)

  • cleaning
  • construction
  • emotional betterment
  • cake
  • Python removal
  • yard work
  • a kids recital
  • an adult’s recital
  • haircut
  • taxes
  • not getting evicted
  • splunge
  • binge watching HBO go
  • be a jackass
  • watch jackass
  • rebuilding datacenters
  • good book
  • writing a good book
  • learn a proper mirepoix
  • troll online

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Pointless? Yea, but look how many people voted.


That wasn’t an option.


Get my dog to shit wasn’t there so went with my second choice.


Interesting that “troll online” is currently leading with 31% of the votes. :no_mouth:


I chose “emotional embitterment.” Oh, crap, that was “betterment?”


I read that poll twice and I was sure it read “Belittlement”


Given that the poll-takers are self selected voluntary Twitter poll-takers, I’d say your analysis of their sampling is pretty accurate…


Will you participate in this poll?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I like tacos

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Save some for the fish, y’all!!!


Hey…what about USE a proper mirepoix? Ah, who am I kidding? That’s not a goal, that’s at least one dinner per week!


I went looking to learn more about mirepoix and learned about pinçage too! Now I have goals for “sometime soon” :slight_smile:


How strange are we talking here?


At least you didn’t choose “A kid’s rectal”.


– gotta love the internet



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