Do you want to build a poll, man? (It doesn't have to be a poll, man.)

  • Yes
  • No

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Did you select NO?



Did you select YES? Have you seen THIS?


Non-academic intersectionality
Did you ever want to play questions?
Did you ever want to play questions?
Polls and browser hanging/slowdowns
Polls and browser hanging/slowdowns
The poll thread
The poll thread
Did you ever want to play questions?
Poll Issues
Did you ever want to play questions?

Which is more painful to watch?

  • Invasion Of The Star Creatures
  • Ratfink and BooBoo

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How many options should the poll be limited to?

[poll type=number min=1 max=10000][/poll]

Bugs with the new BBS system
  • are you effing crazy?!?!
  • or am I just jealous

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Should I edit it so the page loads?

  • yes, PLEASE!!!
  • why no, I LIKE my browser crashing

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Did you know you can’t edit polls after 5 mins?

  • Yes
  • No
  • No, but at least you can close them
  • No, and why can’t you embed youtube videos?
  • No, and let’s hope nobody opens it again

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Why can’t you embed youtube videos?

  • Is it because video-embeds only work when they are the only thing on the line and they can’t be in a poll?

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What’s your favourite stock image for polls?



[/ [poll]]



Can a poll be embedded in a poll?

  • [poll name=b]
  • Seems unlikely
  • but then again

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  • [poll name=c]
  • why not?
  • shall we try?


Who will shut this thread down first?


Why would @OtherMichael shut this game down?

  • Threw a hissy fit
  • Hit by a bus
  • @jlw threatened to take away his key to the Regular’s Lounge

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Probably OK to test in this topic, but don’t break the whole topic in the process. That is what is for.

  • you post in the form of a poll because you are a happy mutant
  • you disregard the rules because you are a rebel, man

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Reminder: if you want to test breaking people’s browsers, do it on not on a live site please.

(and yes, we should limit number of poll entries…)


My apologies, I think if I set the step to 1000 it would have been fine, but I really did want a really large poll.



Is that like a wicker man?