Poll Issues

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@SmashMartian created a poll (with images?) and it looks like crap:


I viewed it in both FireFox (logged in) and IE11 (not logged in) - essentially the same mised-up display

I’m not even sure I’m supposed to be able to do that, as I had to use image links in order to get gifs appearing as options.
I’ll admit my knowledge of HTML lies somewhere between zero and fuck-all and I was also in a rush and don’t fully understand what I’m doing. So if it looks like crap, it’s on me. :frowning: Sorry. Can’t edit it, so feel free to flag it for deletion. There’s probably a better way to make it pretty anyway…


You made your choices. And you are going to have to live with them for the rest of their digital lives.

Flagged it for deletion now, so it won’t stink up your screen.

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If you want to experiment with intentional oddness, please do it at http://try.discourse.org and not here.

(We are still testing the feature so following the official examples might be better…)

I deleted that post as requested.

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I’ll stop now.

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Testing of oddness is good! Just not necessarily here

#Do you want to build a poll, man? (It doesn’t have to be a poll, man.)

[Go away, @OtherMichael]

Okay, bye. :cry:

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