Have you opened the reply window and CLICKED ✨ THIS ✨


if not, you should

Your feedbacks are welcome. :ear:

New Topic on the share / link dialog?

I clicked it and…

  • The Goggles Did Nothing
  • …It’s Full Of Stars
  • …well, that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Are Text formatting buttons on the poll-builder an option for image/link polls? I’m very lazy, you see. :smiley:


Springy, Autumny and Wintery too.


Ooh, nice!

But it turns out that I can’t blur a poll, so I am Disappointed in BoingBoing BBS

  • 1 [Da fuck is this?!]
  • 2 [It works!]
  • 1
  • 2

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I think I found an, errm, undocumented feature. Expanding @TailOfTruth’s reply to my post, I get an option to close the poll. Looks like this:



You don’t really want feedback from someone who likes using vi, do you?

I think some will find the poll builder and such handy.

  • Once

  • Twice

  • Three times a lady

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This text will be hidden

And this text will not be hidden?

  • This will break my browser.
  • This will not break my browser.
  • Well, that was easy!
  • I really hope my A/C doesn’t kick the bucket today.

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this is a test of the emergency broadcast system

can we get integration with the gif bank?

  • Thin crust
  • Deep dish
  • Stuffed crust
  • Roman
  • NYC
  • Neapolitan

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[details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary][details=Summary]it’s turtles all the way down[/details][/details][/details][/details][/details][/details][/details][/details][/details][/details]

  • Pie
  • Pizza
  • Other

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Votes are pubic.


[details=More Turtles]Turtles all the way down[/details]


Just noticed that.


If they are pubic, you better be using protection.


@codinghorror, should the poll title appear in the poll area once it’s posted?

  • Pie
  • More Pie
  • Who doesn’t like pie?

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