Polls for voting at boing boing

I’d like the option to add poll questions to posts that others can vote on. It’d be nice if the polls could have options to be either public or anonymous and a way to restrict brand new accounts from voting to rig results. Or maybe also a way to break down poll results to show what percentage are from single-purpose accounts on different sides of the voting pool would also be fun.

I’d like options for multiple choice, etc. - I know some don’t like polls, but they can just ignore them or perhaps there can be an option to hide all polls from view.

Polls. It’ll be interesting.

You can already do this, give it a shot in the sandbox at http://try.discourse.org – there is a permanent demo poll topic there as well.

Probably a few ways they could be improved with your suggestions, but try the simple way out first.

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Wow, thank you for showing me that! I had no idea. I should RTFM or something.

Well polls are relatively new and were only in testing mode for a while prior to this. So there was no way to know unless you were following Discourse development on http://meta.discourse.org – which is very Inside Baseball, not everyone’s cup of tea.

I’m not able to sign in over there, do I have to set up a new account to test the polls over there?

Yes, it is an independent site – so log in there and create an account however you like.

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