Another Russian fighter jet filmed crashing

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They can barely get their hardware out of Russia, let alone up anyone else’s arse.

Critical components and parts, on the other hand, can be pulled out of the hardware when there’s money to be made selling them on the black market. Such is military aviation in a degenerate kleptocracy.


This footage of a Russian pilot ejecting at 600ft is insane:

Ukraine claimed it as a kill but internet sleuths have since counter claimed it was taken out by clipping a power line. Crack pilots.

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If it was clipping power lines - whoopsie doodle.

So more maintenance woes. I mean, the US does occasionally lose an aircraft due to mechanical failure. It even hits residential areas on occasion. But it is very infrequent when you factor in the number of aircraft and the number of hours flown.

I wonder why they didn’t eject. Maybe the dive was too steep to reach the ejection handles.


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