Watch low-flying jet almost clip man


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Is how Putin gets morning shave!


The way that guy ran for the plane reminds me of the scammers that try to get run over by cars.


In Soviet Russia, fighter plane flies YOU!

{I really, really regret this stupid joke. Sorry.}


Reminds me of an ex-Buccaneer pilot saying that on one exercise one of his mates claimed to have suffered a rabbit strike.


Not that close in absolute terms, but at those speeds and masses, “clipping” is an understatement.


I’d be more concerned about getting sucked into the engine than getting hit by the plane.


Or flattened by the pressure


“What’s Russian for ‘permanent hearing loss’?”




“Мне очень жаль, что я не могу слышать вас. У меня есть постоянная потеря слуха.”


Maybe it would qualify as “gross clipping”? (Gross clipping if it completely takes him out; fine clipping if it only takes part of him.)


Burned by the exhaust.


I was on a mountain top in Colorado once and was buzzed by a fighter, probably from the air force academy. I didn’t see or hear it coming, next thing I knew it was less than fifty feet overhead with a noise too loud to even think in the presence of. The boom flattened me and it was a while before I got up to audit my body parts. I very nearly wet meself.


That happened to me once out in the North Cascades, but it wasn’t so close. Maybe a 50 meters altitude, and slow enough that it wasn’t boneshakingly loud. It was quite an experience.


There’s no way to be sure from the vid alone of course, but I have a feeling that thing was awfully close to stalling speed if you can film it like that.


Years ago a fighter jet flew right over me and my friends’ heads as we were surf-fishing on an empty stretch of beach in Plum Island, MA. It was so odd how the sound of the oncoming jet sort of emerged from the sound of the crashing waves and confused the hell out of me. I kept looking around for a giant wave. Then it was right over our heads, seemingly close enough that I could have hit it with a baseball, (probably not), and flying slow enough that I couldn’t understand how it stayed aloft. Amazing machines.


I’m from New Zealand, we don’t got no fighter planes* so I never saw anything like this, till I was in Sweden. Two jets just appeared to materialise directly above the group I was with, seemingly just above us, then beetle off into the distance like a magic trick. I was staggering about but the group of locals I was with were astonished at my astonishment . . . “Oh, that wasn’t anything LIKE as close as they get when they are feeling frisky !” was the consensus. :smiley:

*Not National ones, anyway, bunch of blokes down on the South Island got some private things like Spitfires, Yaks, Vampires and so forth. Just for fun, like.


Mow level flying.


In a book I have about the F-104 the author relates how one pilot - flying out over the ocean in international waters - was going supersonic so low that he nearly clipped the top of the mast on a fishing boat. Now that would be a wakeup call.


I the video in the article might be rivalled by this one.

The pilot view is pretty shocking, but I found the “poor sap on the ground”-view terrifying (although I’m certain the aircraft clears the pilot’s friends on the ground by literally dozens of inches :-).