Anthrax guitarist is now a master watchmaker

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Well at last he got a real job.


Besides being guitarist for many years he has also been a watchmaker for years. This was also reported here in Boingboing in 2012 with a title “Anthrax’s Dan Spitz is now a master watchmaker”.

Sorry about whining but the thing that he’s a watchmaker is nevertheless awesome.

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Sort of like Jeff Baxter of Steely Dan is now a defense contractor:

watch guitarist become a master anthrax-maker.

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2012? Do you realize how long four years is on the internet? Like a century! Who can even remember 2012?

before or after the end of the world?

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maybe it’s some sort of time loop causing them to report the same news again and again.

Master watchmaker? That is SO metal!

(no seriously, that is awesome and inspiring, but you have to imagine that a guitarist of his caliber already had incredible manual dexterity…)

Anthrax is okay and all, but let’s not say that Anthrax’s music necessitated the term “thrash metal.” Slayer and Metallica, also founded in '81, had far more mainstream success and much more influence on the metal scene as a whole. Slayer, Metallica, and Megadeth are the big three. There’s a reason Anthrax and Testament come in at the bottom of the big 5.

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