Animation about Black Sabbath guitarist losing his fingers

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Rock ON!

[+1 for Django]


Tony sounded like a really nice guy- to be able to call the plant manager from that day a really nice guy,
that had to be genuine. And to be that manager, and tell Tony of Django- epic. That dude has no idea
how he changed the entire history of rock & heavy metal with that one story to Iommi.

I just wonder what the asshole who decided “hey, hes leaving, lets have him run that before he goes”
when they stuck him on the press must think to this day of what his decision did to Iommi’s life. His
last damn day. Jesus.

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Holy synchronicity…

One week after I got into Black Sabbath again, this time for real, and three days after I read all about Iommi’s accident and resulting technique this post appears on the Boing. Not the first time this happens!

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