'Soul Finger' the Bar-Kays



One of my favorite songs off of the “What It Is!” album. Wicked good.

Every minute you dont tell us why you’re here, I cut off a finger!
Mine or yours?


awesome! O(≧∇≦)O
here’s a later tune of theirs that I love, it’s more of a funk bomb


Forever associated in my mind with ‘Spies Like Us’.


I second that emotion for the “What It Is!” collection and this song - hands-down, one of the funkiest guitar solos you will ever hear. Dasm!

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I forgot about them! Thanks for the great clip.

A BDSM funk band. Very progressive for its time.

That intro was totally stolen for Ghostbusters!

Both great bands, but essentially different bands. Most of the guys in the Soul Finger video were killed in the same plane crash that killed Otis Redding.

Why don’t you boys have yourselves a Pepsi?


I think this video is much newer, i.e. it’s the newer (post-Redding) band pantomiming to the '67 recording; at the end you can hear vinyl noise.

A couple of members survived, but I don’t know how many different line-ups there have been. Isaac Haye’s backing group circa ‘Hot Buttered Soul’ was The Bar-Kays, which would’ve been between “Soul Finger” and “Holy Ghost”. In 1996 in Austin, I saw one incarnation of the Bar-Kays (with a surviving member from the original group) with The Gap Band, SOS Band, and Lakeside. (This was in the arena where the Ice Bats played hockey – they put some flooring over the ice, but it was still dang cold in there.)

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Ah yes, that makes sense. I realized that they were pantomiming to the recording, but it didn’t occur to me that it would be a different group of guys.

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