Couldn't get it right, Climax Blues Band


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Good one! Never seen the vid. Is that a guy holding a cue card in the foreground?

Just the right amount of cowbell.


are we not crediting mutants anymore? it was only like three days ago, @jlw

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I assume Synchronicity.

For that matter…


Eh, sequels are never as good…


I totally missed the entire thread! My deepest apologies!


Share, and enjoy!

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Is that a certain managing editor…


just breakin’ your balls a bit, dude.

loved and hated this song, which seemed to play endlessly on AM radio as I drove around Vancouver in my sister’s 74 Chevy Nova on those rainy evenings when I should have been doing my first year calculcus homework.

This has got to be on Awesome Mix Vol. 2, right?

Stuart Copeland’s under-appreciated The Rhythmatist.

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I only know the song from Fun Lovin’ Criminals’ cover, of which I am fond:

This song was already in my earworm list, so I’ll pay it forward with this one:

It’s odd how the yellow bulbs in the star in closeup leave blue afterimages when they blink off. I’ve never seen that happen on video before.

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