Music: "Fudge Pudge," Organized Konfusion (1991)


Thanks for that. I’d never heard of them, great stuff. Lots and lots of parallels with De La Soul, which given the date isn’t surprising. I bet I could go through this song and pull out 30 De La Soul riffs or allusions, and a bunch of Tribe Called Quest riffs. They even do the “Here we go, here we go” from Scenario at the end, and it was released the same year, so who knows which was first. And given their Wiki page, it wouldn’t surprise me if the influence went both ways.

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This is one of those tracks such that pretty much my whole exposure to it is as acapella vocals mixed against something unrelated. It’s a highlight of one of my favorite solid steel mixes, although it is unfortunately from when they were using Totally Radio, so the music is locked behind a paywall now,DK-_Solid_Steel

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I became a fan of Pharaoh Monch much later, with his solo release on Rawkus, right at the pinnacle of that label’s output. Really hard to pick a favorite, the whole LP is one gem after another.

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one last one.

the concept is hilarious, but as is pointed out, when it comes to rhymin’, he rips his verse

Its also funny how amazingly different the feel of the song is if you’re not watching the video. In the video they’re busy coming off as super tough in every scene, but the song is totally hilarious and mellow. I guess this is when everyone was calling De La Soul the “hip hop hippies”, so everyone had to fight that label.

Meanwhile in the UK some of us were listening to this:

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