"We're All In The Same Gang" 1990

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@jlw I wrote the Wikipedia article for that, as well as bios for participants like Dee Barnes and Oaktown’s 357!


KRS1 and BDP had their own song and video called Self Destruction, replete with guest appearances and cameos, which was the East Coast version:

the mini doc:


You rule. Also, left.

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came here for this.
WAITSG is dope, all great rappers, but for me, Above the Law outshines them all.


Self Destruction was the first, then We Are All In The Same Gang followed shortly after. Both are great - and such a product of their time when seemingly everybody was getting together and recording big and splashy ensemble “message” songs.


We’re all in the same precinct. “…stop killin’ my brotha 'cause we are from the same precinct OFFICER…” “…kill a black man? Yo’ what are you retarded? Yo’ do you work for the Fuzz?”

Def Jef is still a criminally overlooked emcee of that era.

If I might now have a “you kids get off my lawn” moment. . . the golden era of hip hop, the 80’s and 90’s from (let’s say) Run DMC up to Company Flow, is like the 60’s-70’s “classic rock” era or the similar golden eras of swing or bebop or Chicago blues-- people will be listening to that stuff forever.


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