Music: "Killing In The Name," Rage Against The Machine (1991)

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I think it is ironic that the older I get, the more I like Rage. I suspect that as a young teen, I found their music to be too hardcore metal sounding for me to even get around to comprehending the messaging. The older, angrier, and more pissed off at everything I get, the more I understand the importance of their fucking point.

Rage’s style of music is as far as it has ever been from what I generally choose to listen too (“sleepytime music” according to my partner), but I now love it in spite of that.

EDIT: I’ve been thinking about this for the past few hours. My perception is that the Beastie Boys and RATM were originally perceived as part of a very similar class of music. When I made a RATM radio station today, the first song to play was Beastie Boys.

As a kid, I categorized the Beastie Boys and Rage in the same group: an unlistenable loudness consisting of an amalgam of rock/rap. Funnily, Beasties music has become less-listenable, and more socially problematic*, over the years while RATM has headed in the opposite direction, becoming better both musically and socially.

*In spite of their commendable social activism.


I keep wanting for Rage to get back together in some capacity. Their message has never been more relevant, but their music will always stand a cut above. Great rock with a deep message should you choose to listen.


Love it. Always have, always will. I can’t believe that it’s 23 years old!


Rage’s energy caught my attention first with that wonderful in-your-face thumping, driving beat. The message came shortly thereafter and didn’t do much to improve my issues with authority. And like @Grey_Devil says, I keep thinking/hoping they’re going to do some kind of return to the stage…but maybe their being brought up in the context of today’s political issues means they succeeded in getting the message out.

A BULLET IN YA FUCKEN HEEEEAAAADDD!!! I have yet to hear anyone who can scream like Zack.


I fucking love this song. Back in the days when I used to go out dancing at rock clubs, this song would always blow the fucking roof off the place.


i never get tired of Rage, or this song. i never understood the recent wave of hate against them – i always felt they were honest and right to be angry and yelling about this stuff.


Talk about a song that holds up…


One of the UK’s best Christmas Number Ones; up there with Slade and Wizzard.


I don’t care if they are commies, they still rock pretty hard…


For some reason I remember the song as a bit heaver than it actually is. They still hit the mark though, even after all these years. At about the same but a lot less popular were The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. For those who like political hip hop check out the track “The Winter of The Long Hot Summer”. According Wikipedia they opened for Rage Against the Machine at same point.


It was pretty heavy for 1991.


Yeah, I think you’re right. I just listened to some RHCP and FNM from about the same period and its about the same level.


“And now you do what they told ya”
…like a radio edit with all the fucks cut out… ?


Or not, if you happen to be Bruno Brookes

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I am unhappy with the amount of well known left-wing bands who were around in the 90s who have since split up. RATM, Chumbawamba, The Levellers - all gone. Atari Teenage Riot just aren’t the same without Hanin Elias and Carl Crack. The only survivors I can think of are Billy Bragg and Manic Street Preachers (and to be honest, I’m not really a fan of Billy Bragg).

Yes, we will have a load of musicians lining up to visit Downing Street if Labour get back in, but I’m more interested in the ones who refuse to because they don’t want to associate with right-wing political parties.

I’ll happily listen to any good music though, as long as the band doesn’t support hatred against disadvantaged groups.

Edit: The Levellers are still making music.

When did The Levellers split up?

Always liked them, seen them a few times.

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I thought they had but wikipedia says they’re still together and released an album in 2012.

I’ve corrected the original post

They seem to be busy!

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