Rage playlist

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I don’t use Spotify, as I don’t want to enrich Joe Rogan, if you’re the same, here’s the list.



Rage Against The Machine is one of those bands that actually makes me feel like raging against the government. Yes it’s an all male band but you know… i feel like they fit the theme so well.

There’s also H.U.M.A.N.W.I.N.E, which is a socially conscious band. The music is a bit different but good :slight_smile: Rivolta Silenziosa is my fave. The band is a male and female duo

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This sentiment is still germane…

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Or if your rage is the type of rage that lasts for up to 13 minutes, you could try this…

It just so happened that I picked up one of my daughters on my way back to Indiana on Friday evening, and her phone was nearly dead so she asked to use the charger, which in my car means that’s the device that controls things like the music. I pointed that out to her and she agreed to take charge of the music on our drive. I asked her for the playlist, which she hasn’t given me yet, because it was almost perfect. If I get it, I’ll post it here.

She started with rage, of course, but she also included things like:


Uh, that link links to the UFO story posted elsewhere on the B site: here’s a playlist

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