Here’s your soundtrack for Inauguration Day


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That’s my jam! :heart_eyes:


Right on!!


Nice, new ring tone! :+1:



I set myself up an industrial, revolutionary-themed playlist for my workday. I didn’t get very far through the alphabet before it got long enough. I guess I’ve been subconsciously preparing for this moment.

(Or maybe most of it is left over from the Dubya years.)

The TV burned, nobody watched
The ratings sucked, so it got axed
We keep screaming, you ain’t listening
Take your chainsaw, and wield it recklessly




Free, amateurish protest music is your best entertainment value:


I’ve got another one, although it’s too cheerful for my mood right now. It still makes a good rallying cry:


Rage. Rage Against The Machine…



I posted this elsewhere, and it’s too late for inauguration day, but this is a good song:


Bah! It’s going to be a loooong four years. Let’s keep it going! :grinning:


This one goes out to Richard Spencer.

But we ain’t gonna take this
From some bonehead in the "master race"
He won’t be mastering anything
With a vegan steelie in his face!

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