Post US election BBS mix tape


After feeling utterly gutted all day long, I was shocked to find myself moving through denial more quickly than expected - and I plan on stopping here on the other side a good long while. Music got me here. Music will keep me here. Add your essential sounds to this community effort - raise our spirits and get back in the fight.

Trump elected president
Spotify playlist: Resist -- taking suggestions



(Moving elsewhere so as not to cast shade,)





I’m mostly listening to songs that I can use to psyche myself up for getting angry and riled up, plus a few extra Union songs thrown in for good measure:

The song to adress racism, the one that takes me the closest to tears and anger:

Protest songs:

Union songs:

Start at 1:06 for the song (embed start times don’t seem to be working):

Maybe my favorite song on this list second to the kinks:


Good Guardian list here:



It’s missing the last stage.



I have a few suggestions:








Here is a machine that -really- killed fascists.


Are we going to do this again?


Until someone can show me a documented case where a fascist was actually killed by a guitar…yes. Yes, we are. I hate that damn slogan.