Don't "Keep Calm"; Scream, Rage and Break Shit


So okay;

When I woke up this morning, I’d hoped the nightmare would be over; but to my dismay it’s just fucking beginning.

And now that the initial shock has worn off, I’m starting to really feel my ugly, angry, antisocial destructive feels.

But rather than breaking everything within striking distance, or rioting in the streets (always bad for anyone who doesn’t want a criminal record, but especially for someone of color) I’ve elected to start a post for explicitly for venting, via the posting of enraged gifs/memes.

Maybe it will be like some of my lesser threads, with few respondents, or maybe it will be descended upon by the small but relentless trickle of trolls that live for discord chaos and negativity.

Or maybe it will actually be cathartic; who knows?

However it turns out, it’s here:



First off, thank you. Second, tis time to renew the old passport. Third, dafuq just happened in a country I was assured had enough latin@ vote to prevent nuclear war? My son knows, but I still don’t know what to tell him.





I felt it was necessary.

I’m excessively annoyed at anyone who seems glib or nonchalant right now, and I don’t want that feeling to escalate.

Wrong thread; there’s no cake here.

Plenty of rage, though:

I cannot believe this fucking shit.






Yes rage, but preferably directed rage. Anger is a powerful and dangerous force that has the power to awake the emotions and feelings of a nation, something which our country seems to dearly need need right now… then again randomly smashing shit does have a certain appeal in my current mind set.


That gif is not nearly angry enough.

True enough, but there’s not a whole lot I can do right now at this very moment, while I’m still at work.

And while breaking shit might feel good to my lizard brain, the rational part of me knows that only leaves another mess to be cleaned up.

Hence a cyber-tantrum; so much easier on everyone.


Trump supporters have effectively adopted a campaign platform of doing whatever makes liberals angry. Left-wing rage is like a giant neon sign in the desert telling them they are on the right path. Given last night’s erection, I have no doubt that they will only be further emboldened.



I’ll rejoin our collective struggle shortly. Give me a couple of minutes.


Yeah, but I love it, none the less.




You forgot your gif.


This is not new. This has been their guiding star since 1992.

I’ve been reading a lot today, and come to the conclusion the real meaning of this election is Black lives don’t matter. Footnote: Latino, Muslim, but it’s the uppity Blacks who made the most noise. It didn’t begin with the election; it began with the end of the Voting Rights Act. It will be a long long time before it is restored.