Band class covers "Killing In The Name"


Spectacular! Did you watch that one flute player headbanging?

That person in red seems really excited about playing this song.

Original (nsfw):

Interestingly, Michael Moore directed the music video for their song Testify.

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This is George Mason University’s Pep band, “The Green Machine”, and the video is from about 3 years ago.

The piccolos were rockin’ out.

Not new, but just as fabulous now as it was back then, Thanks for showing it again. That girl in red just crushes it.

Creedence Clearwater Revival does ‘Rage’.


This video has attracted a troll:

Berta Lovejoy1 day ago
What a sickening video, music teacher, please set a positive example for
these girls as they are the future of our society. “Rage Against The
Machine” are famous for having lyrics that promote crime, especially the
one in this video which is literally called “Killing in the Name”, with
constant references to murder. This band has also been known to promote
anarchy and violence. This music teacher is raising a generation of
violent females, it sickens me seeing this kind of sexist treatment of
young females get so highly praised.

Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace. Reply · 440

A troll, but not what you expect. Go read the thread at
TL:DR- Berta Lovejoy is attached to /r/redditarmie & is just doing this to troll. HE isn’t a woman or feminist.


Really well done. They made it seem like the song was supposed to be orchestral. Nice touch doing the rap at the end.

The Dr. is wearing what looks a lot like a zoot suit.

This appears to be at least inspired by the cover done by The Apples. Look up The Apples - Killing, on YouTube.

I thought this looked familiar.


This syncs up nicely with the animated gif from “Noct, a scary, stylish monochrome video game” below.

so? do you want a medal?

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Yes. Yes I do. A sparkly one with chocolate inside, thank you.

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Strangely enough, they use the intro and outro from “Bulls on Parade” instead.

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