Prophets of Rage play Cleveland RNC, kick off 'Make America Rage Again' tour in 35 U.S. cities

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Huh. That’s most interesting “super group” to come out in awhile. Morrello’s guitar and Chuck D’s voice I think will be a great mash up.

Fun fact - B-Real has his own paintball team (Stoned Assassins) Though he was getting in about the time I was getting out. Too bad or I probably would have bumped into him on a field somewhere…


For a minute they’re just glancing at the title I thought they were playing as part of the RNC “entertainment” lineup and that just did not compute at a level that nearly caused my head to explode. Glad to see I was mistaken.


Feel The Rage!

It’s a group mash up that works.

Seriously, KMFDM would be a good opening act…


Nice to see history repeating itself. I had a fun time at the Rock Against Reagan show in Dallas in 84

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RNC band plays Rush Limelight; delegates try to dance to it, not realizing no one dances to Rush.

Slate: Make America Dance Again

Also, is the band pranking the convention by slipping that one in there, or did they just not listen to the lyrics?

Trump and Peart (lyricist) are such polar opposites in temperament, it must be like combining particle and anti-particle; a cataclysmic gamma-ray burst should result.


WTF!!! I hope Rush sues the shit outta them. seriously, wtf…


who cares? RATM sucked.

There’s that message again - “both parties are exactly the same so don’t bother to vote.” Actually, only one of the major parties would be pleased if young people everywhere believed that. It’s the very same people who are happy to see fewer votes cast in general - the party that’s been talking about repealing the 17th Amendment. And the Voting Rights Act.

She’s glorying in the discord between supporters of Sanders and Clinton, but I’ve noticed the number of unhinged anti-Clinton messages coming from the left has dropped way off since the end of the primary. It was a pretty ugly primary, but it’s over, and now a whole lot of people are getting to work on the general election. This is good, because Trump and Clinton really aren’t exactly the same.


Look mate, if you’re going to trolley, you need to at least put some effort into it. Why not try something along the lines of:
“RATM totally sold out when they signed to Epic/Sony” or “…when they toured with U2”, you know, something that requires at least ten seconds of reading a wiki entry.


Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me.


No, no, you’re thinking of KMFDM, who I mentioned above, thus you got your wires crossed. Sorry about that.


I don’t know. Is stating dislike for a popular band driving trollies? Although I appreciate what Rage Against the Machine tried to do, I wasn’t a huge fan either. It was uninspired, felt like a wasted opportunity. I feel like De Rocha was the best part of the band, and that his talents were wasted on most of those songs. They were ‘dorm rock’, calculated to appeal to the widest possible audience. The records felt homogenous and overproduced. I suspect their producer had a lot to do with this. A good producer could have done a lot to make those songs much better. For contrast, listening to records like NWA’s ‘Niggazforlife’, Ice Cube’s ‘Amerikkkas Most Wanted’, Suicidal Tendencies S/T, or any Public Enemy record or the first time had you feeling like the cops could kick in your door any second. Just my two cents.


I guess the trolling is in the intent, and a single sentence, from a generic username, with no follow up sounds like a troll to me.
You on the other hand have well reasoned points, multiple arguments and proper sentences with spelling and grammar and everything.

I guess I just miss the (probably apocryphal) days when a troll would spend time and effort to seem coherent, right up until they drop the bombshell that causes the entire forum to shout at each other…


Ok, thanks. I’ve been working on my lack of internet sophistication. It’s incredible to me the amount of subtlety that has been achieved in internet conversations. It’s a testament to human communication.


not a troll. i think they’re untalented hacks. tom morello just wanks off with a whammy pedal, and everyone thinks he’s a guitar god. de la rocha just screams the same lines over and over for a bit, and people pretend he’s relevant.

i tried to like audioslave, as chris cornell brought some decent influence to the rest of them, but they were just alright.

In other Republican Convention Music News, Third Eye Blind played there just so they could troll the audience.


Not apocryphal - knew a few trollies back in the day. In fact, there was a time when “trolley” was more of a term of endearment, and people in some communities recognized trollies as useful. The trolley is the bridgekeeper (as in billy goats gruff) who keeps the stupid shits out by making it awful to speak out of turn. They jump down your throat when you say something that was clearly not thought out.

At some point it morphed into just someone who is mean. Then it morphed into meaning the stupid shits that the original trollies were there to fend off.

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