Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill perform "So Watcha Want"




What a shitty noisy insult to actual “music”.


Wow, pretty well crushed it. Too bad there weren’t more collaborations between these two groups, they go well together.


Sorry, but YOUR musical tastes don’t define anyone’s else’s. Deal with it. These 2 bands didn’t become successful by no one buying their records - lol…


So what’cha, what’cha, what’cha want? (what’cha want?)
I get so funny with my money that you flaunt
I said, “Where’d you get your information from,” huh?
You think that you can front when revelation comes?
(Yeah, you can’t front on that)


De gustibus non est disputandum, biotch.


Whoa! Really?


RIP adam. this was awesome, thanks for posting this.


I saw them tour together that year with Henry Rollins.

Great show.


You poor dear. Here. I made something just for you.


I bet you’d really hate Negativland.


Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But your opinion is wrong. :slight_smile:


Damn kids; get of my lawn!


I remember this, I was watching. Back when everyone else still thought rap was a phase, Arsenio had all the golden-era greats on and I tuned in every night as I had no social life. I remember Black Sheep being particularly off the chain.

Ad Rock, what a spaz :stuck_out_tongue: MCA demonstrating superior breath control and sharpest sword overall. Nice. We miss you.


I’m glad to see you put “music” in quotes because your definition of it doesn’t appear to make any sense…


So tell me who are you dissing; maybe I’m missing…


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