The Marshall Mathers LP is 22 years old

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“A thing was released on this date some years ago” is apparently a new BB regular feature

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Well, it keeps happening!


I do love it when ‘the first record I ever bought’ turns out to be an absolute classic. For me, a white kid growing up through the 80s & 90s in the Cotswolds (basically The Shire) I got nothing but ridicule from my parents and, plenty of my peers, for my choice of Eric B & Rakim’s Follow The Leader. But I bet they’re not still listening to those Bros records quite so often as they used to. Heck, my sister doesn’t even enjoy the Michael Jackson albums so much since, well…

Anyway. Brilliant record to have as your first, Devin. But do the Beastie really not get any respect from Hip Hop purists? Really? I suggest such folks need to wake up and smell the fusion. I was thinking about the Beasties a lot recently thanks to a few mentions in the early episodes of the most recent series of What Had Happened Was, with Dante Ross. Now there’s a guy who was either in the right place at the right time or(and?) changed the world of music around him.


I’m just waiting for: “On this day in XXXX, Boing Boing ran its first On This Day In… article”


Really? Just ask any “hip hop purist” about Paul’s Boutique.

I’d argue the latter. His success wasn’t an accident — it was smarts and determination. He worked really hard making his name for himself in the brutal world of competitive freestyle, and hustling his talents to local radio DJs across the country. He got his big break when Dr Dre discovered him and gave him a chance to go big time. He had no qualms about marketing himself to a white audience but did it with a kind of cynicism to make it known that he was well aware of his role as an appropriator of Black culture.

I’ve noticed this too. Waiting for the introduction of listicles at this point.

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At least it’s better than “Someone you don’t like and mostly don’t care about said something stupid.” articles

That’s pretty much anybody with an (R) after their name these days.

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