Still Ill: 25 Years of ‘Ill Communication’ by the Beastie Boys

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The other day I got a copy of the re-master Pauls Boutique. Not sure I hear much of a difference, but it was nice to get a new CD of it.


It’s pretty clear they all really miss Yauch.


Can’t agree. I absolutely hate this boy band, have since the 80s. If any of their crap comes on the radio I change stations immediately.

‘Ill Communication’

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I can understand that, even if I disagree.

Back when the first LP came out I initially thought they were annoying, but weirdly it was this 10-year old Jamaican kid, the son of the reggae DJ at the college radio station I was at who caused me to come around. He kept playing the “Paul Revere/It’s The New Style” single in the office while his dad was on-air. He even knew all the lyrics. I dug it, it was fun.

Now I’m older I really don’t have any desire to listen to them at all, but I have fond memories of enjoying all those LPs when they came out.

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While Check Your Head is so very fun, Paul’s Boutique is a masterpiece. i was not a fan of them when they first came to national attention, but i warmed to them as they (and i) got older. I really appreciate how, in this little documentary, they talk about MCA’s spiritual thirst and quest for understanding, and supported it wherever it took him. That’s what friends do for friends. it was during this period they talk about that i started to realize they were more than a loud frat-boy-like party band, and actually had something worthwhile to say, and interesting ways to say it.


Who’s the guy with the ponytail?

I think that’s Mario C. He likes to keep it clean.

Also, if you think of these guys as a frat party band you probably haven’t listened much since Licensed to Ill. I couldn’t stand them back then and they’ve been a favorite of mine for years.

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An album that will likely never be replicated. (Or at least not in any way that’s legal. At the time it was made nearly all the samples on the album were cleared - this was before the Biz Markie lawsuit forever changed sampling and made albums like this too costly to produce legally.)

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Mario C.

That album is one that’s been “stolen/borrowed and never returned” the most out of my collection, by far.

Pretty sure I’ve purchased it at least six times. Yeah, not every track is a winner. Most BB albums are like that. But you can’t deny that they really went out of their way to cram as many samples as possible in there - and not entirely obscure nonsense bargain-basement one-off records, either. The Eagles, Beatles, and ZZ Top all make appearances.

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I remember reading that the Beatles’ samples were notable ones that they did not clear. To which they purportedly responded with something like, “how awesome would it be to get sued by the Beatles?”

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