I'd never heard these Beatles Christmas messages


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I had a girlfriend in high school who was a raging Beatles fan, even though they split up when we were wee. She had the whole collection of these. I don’t recall if she had the actual vinyl or just cassettes.


My dad’s a huge Beatles fan and had the whole set. They’re fascinating and fun to listen to. The first few years are so gleeful, and then they start sounding really wiped out (“Well, it’s Christmas again… same old studio, same old microphone…”) and then they start doing these bonkers Goon Show inspired skits. By the last one they’re all just recording separate messages and phoning them in; John & Yoko are walking around in fall leaves and talking about nothing while Paul dashes off a new Christmas song or two like he’s brushing his teeth.


So THAT’S who those four guys were singing around my manger!


that’s what I was thinking. Knowing what happens to them and hearing them so happy and having fun on these shows how much they changed over the years.


Heard of these before, but never heard them.

That 1963 one was very Goonish.


The 1966 one (“Pantomime - Everywhere it’s Christmas”) gets pretty nuts.

And by 1967 they were doing full on Monty Python wackiness!


Considering I’ve been listening to most of these for over 50 years, you guys are making me feel a tad bit aged.

Kids. Sheesh.


The fan club members got these and my girl friend was one. Wonder where she is now? Does she still have all that memorabilia? Would it be creepy if I looked her up? I’ll ask my wife, but after Valentines Day.


The copy of the whole set of these that I had in the early 70’s was on the Pig label which issued nothing but bootlegs. The only other Pig record that I had was an exceptionally good live recording of Thick As A Brick.


I just know these recordings slightly thanks to the Residents.

Please everybody, if we haven’t done what we could have done, we’ve tried.


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