WATCH: 50 years ago the Beatles performed six songs on the Ed Sullivan Show

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I’m old enough to remember this.

I was young enough at the time to care more about whether Topo Gigio would be on.


And Senor Wences, seen here with Carol Channing.


That woman’s voice. Nails on a chalkboard.

“The Beatles performed on the Ed Sullivan Show for the forth and final time on August 14, 1965.”

That’s for the fourth and final time.


Exactly! But even tho I really didn’t give much of a hoot about the Beatles at the time, I remember thinking that this whole thing seemed way more important in general than it was to me specifically. I hadn’t quite tweaked onto the fact that I very much liked each and every Beatles song that came out. But I still didn’t get the whole mania thing. Course, I was still an Elvis guy. Nonetheless, I definitely remember watching the Beatles the first time and thinking, “Eh, this is probably kinda important.”

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And this discussion with David Letterman took place in the very same studio 44 years later, didn’t it?

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Looks a little different these days…


This video does not exist.

Looks like the vid got yanked by a DMCA to Vimeo, a couple hours ago, from SOFA Entertainment, who apparently bought the rights to The Ed Sullivan Show, in 1990, and puts some clips up online, while reserving the choicest segments for DVD purchase.

You can get the audio on YouTube, at least.

Well, it was fifty years ago today,
Sgt Pepper taught the band to play,
They’ve been going in and out of style,

(sorry this video does not exist)

The copyright weenies will be the second lot up against the wall when the revolution comes.


And the Ben Affleck shows up and fall in love with Cartmann’s left hand, which he makes love to.


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It had to exist SOMEwhere…

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