The Beatles: absolutely wonderful recording studio "bloopers"


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Ich liebe dieses Zeug.


Excellent! (but to “laugh in German” you’re probably looking along the lines of: chrchrchr, muhaha, uhaha, oder: höhöhö)


At 2:58:


That’s an odd transliteration - the quote is clearly “Ya daft get!”


I had a girlfriend in high school who was a raging Beatles fan (a decade too late.) She had their Christmas recordings they sent out to their fan club. Every bit as silly and fun.


This just in… The Beatles were human beings all along…
News at 11.

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I love stuff like this. In many cases, the artists don’t have control over their recordings so after the master is made, the original tapes get tossed in the dumpster so it can be rare to hear things like this. I find it to be a fascinating look at how the sausage is made.

To go off on a tangent: I’m a huge Beach Boys fan and as they competed with the Beatles in a game of one-upmanship to create some amazing albums I’m reminded of the wealth of wealth of studio material out there from them. It’s interesting that they were forward-thinking enough early on in their career to stipulate control over their recordings and as a result from their years with Capitol, the label has literally hundreds of hours of outtakes and studio recordings in their vaults for the group.

An interesting thing is a ton of this material was stolen back in the 1980s and a lot of it was bootlegged. Have you ever wanted to hear all 44(!) takes of the backing track for California Girls? You can! (And you should! Being a fly on the wall for the construction of one of the greatest pop songs ever is something to behold. The unfortunate thing is I have yet to hear of any bootlegs of the vocal session for this.) ETA: if you want to hear what a dick Murry Wilson was to his children, definitely listen to the Help me Ronda sessions - that Brian Wilson could keep his cool throughout Murry’s condescension and abuse is stunning. It’s no wonder they fired him.

In any event, while most of the material was recovered there’s still some out there and apparently archivists have had to literally buy back some of the recordings for the EU Copyright Extension re-issues that have come out over the past few years.


Grateful Dead … tons of bootlegs and outtakes. This is them rehearsing “Viola Lee Blues,” which they would later perform at Ken Kesey’s Acid Tests. Pigpen got too drunk to play partway through and left: kind of a harbinger, since he drank himself to death some years later.

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Interesting that these are all from the early records. They weren’t quite having much fun in the later years.


No joke - I remember watching the Let it Be documentary and the tension was palpable throughout the recording sessions. You could just tell how miserable they all were and it showed in the final product. At least they were able to get their shit together and set aside their egos enough to put out Abbey Road - where you can tell they actually had some fun working on it.


My favourite Beatles song

in the club style

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And that’s exactly why I enjoy them. If all someone comes into contact with is the “legend”, it’s easy to hate them and deride their puffed-up reputation. But if you just take them as some gawky English kids writing good songs, it’s not a big deal.

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