LL Cool J Makes a Demo


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did russell just get his shit together in the last panel?

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The videos were really good this time.

Is LL really that short, or is Rick Rubin just a giant among men?

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I think having an imprint on Mercury Records called “Rush Records” would be complicated by the fact that Mercury signed a certain Canadian rock trio called “Rush.”

The “instant legitimacy” line really cracked me up.

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I didn’t know Ad-Rock did the beat for the first LL Cool J single. That’s awesome.

It blows my mind how quickly the hip-hop sound evolved. “I Need A Beat” came out five years after “Rapper’s Delight”. Fear Of A Black Planet five years after that. Enter The Wu-Tang four years after that. “Bring The Ruckus” came out less than 15 years after “Rapper’s Delight”. Unbelievable.

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