Ladies Love Cool James




Wait, LL Cool J really boxed? I thought that was just a gimmick for the “Mama Said Knock You Out” video.


Wait, LL Cool J didn’t start out with big muscles and the ladies lovin’ him? Next you’ll be telling me he wasn’t born wearing gold chains and a track suit, panther by his side.


Having been on the receiving end, I have to wonder: why not just answer the phone and say “Actually, we’re not a real record company” ? Then he stops phoning, and one never has to answer his calls anymore.

Seriously, why do people act otherwise? What purpose can it possibly serve?


Because Rick Rubin desperately wanted to be a real record company? And eventually found no small amount of success doing just that?


I had a guy call me looking for a job, because his dad had seen my website. There’s wasn’t much to the website (and there still isn’t, and there never was), but it did have “communications” in the name, so the dad thought I was a network provider or some such. I set the guy straight right off the bat, and told him to try applying with the company where I actually worked for pay.


I hope Rubin eventually thanked Ad-Rock for saving him from committing a Decca-turns-down-the-Beatles-sized goof.


I understand that he purchased him some gold chains after he convinced the band to stop being punk rockers and look into doing some rapping.


Jill Cunnif said he just took 'em to Chinatown and bought 'em some fake Adidas tracksuits


My point was that the real payment was helping to convince them that they should change their genre.


Wait. . . if I am to believe that pile of tapes, then Rubin turned down demos by “MC Nip Licker 1” and “MC Dill Hole”?

Dude totally dropped the ball there.


I think they were gonna switch anyway, though. Cooky Puss was recorded before they hooked up with Rubin, but Rubin was the one that led them to success, for sure.


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