Yet again, LL Cool J says "Don't call it a come back"


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He’s been here for years…


Hey somebody thinks Eminem is cool! That’s awesome!


Can a rap career truly recover from “Accidental Racist”?


Oh god, I had forgotten about that… thankfully, the pop market seems to be rather forgiving, or perhaps amnesiatic (is that a word?) in nature. If he puts together a popular album, I think most people will forget that dreck… or pretend it didn’t happen.


Grandma said knock you out.

(I just meant this as an extremely witty and subtle way of saying that he is getting old… but wikipedia tells me that it was in fact his grandma who told him to knock them out.)


Wow, didn’t realize I felt so strongly about LL.

I think I shall celebrate this realization by downing several Cool J cookies.


He sure does have a gift for reparty.


His Lip Sync Battle show is unwatchable. It’s 95% people screaming.


News at 11: people love having their asses kissed.


Ooooo someone has a boy friend!!!



They make such a cute couple, too :blush:

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