Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Beastie Boys and DJ Double R


Rick Rubin isn’t much of a DJ in the spirit of hip hop, but he has all the best equipment, he looks good behind the Beasties and he acts like he knows what he’s doing.

replace “Beasties” with “Eminem,” and you have his contribution to Em’s last SNL appearance. Great producer; but still a fake assed DJ, primo gear and all.

Astounding photo! Just guessing here, but I would say:
front - Horowitz
back - Diamond, Rubin, Yauch
Did I get it right?

that was my initial thought, but back-left really doesn’t look like D at all. I think the hat and camera angle are unflattering to Ad-Rock’s already teen-hormone-addled, doughy mug. similarly, the foreground doesn’t look like D, but it really doesn’t look like Ad-Rock. Neither of them look like our mental picture due to the combo of accessories and extreme youth, but my guess is
Mike D front
AdRock rear left

it’s a tough call.

also, if this ain’t a GEF photo, I’d be very surprised.

This episode makes me sad.


Why so?

The rude pushing out of Kate.


I’ve always felt kinda bad for Kate, but now I know why. Also, pointing out what a douche Rick Rubin is is starting to be my favorite thing about this comic.


Thats what I figured but wanted to check somehow.

Rubin wanted The Black Crowes to change their name to The Kolb Kounty Krows

If you examine his career through that lens everything comes into focus

Rick Rubin is why we can’t have nice things.

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What about the albums he did with Johnny Cash? Those were very nice things!

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