Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, Rick Rubin and Def Jam


Amazing! Once this series comes closer to home for me, I become interested. Loved this one. Now I’ll have to religiously go back through. Thanks.

So, if a country-western band puts out a ‘rekkid’ in a paper bag we are supposed to act all indignant: “Fuckin rednecks”?

But when LL Double Cool Jay Stuff Mac Daddy B does it then it is a 'ground breaking" move?

Ok, I think I got it.

I swear, I love how he draws the Beastie Boys.

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I never knew Rubin designed the Def Jam logo. He did a really great job of it, IMO. As to

I wonder if def is “death” or def is like definitive?

Insofar as there is even a–ahem–definitive answer, I can provide some insight at least. In their paradigm-shifting 1984 book Subway Art, Henry Chalfont and Martha Cooper included a vocabulary page (p27) in an attempt for the wider audience to make sense of the then insular jargon used in the murals and graf-writer interviews they were presenting.

Def Really good (derived from “death”).

I’ll note that the graf community they were interviewing was obsessed with firsts, origins, and lore similar to how comic book nerds obsess over such details. Plus, Chalfont and Cooper actually hung out with these guys and knew writers from the early days from when these terms originated, so I consider it a pretty good source.

On the other hand, this is hip hop. MC traditionally meant master of ceremonies until a rapper with enough juice got everyone thinking of it as “microphone controller.” At the time of this comic, def coulda meant both. It sure means both now, just ask El P.

As for Cookie Puss…

Roachie thinks he’s a master troll. check all 8 of his posts over on his profile view, it’s good for a laugh.

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I’m confused. What are you referencing? Has a C&W band put out a record in a paper bag that’s been denigrated someplace? You seem to be interpreting the comic in an odd way.

A laugh or a headache.

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hey, devophill! wasn’t sure you were coming back after the switch. good to see you \(★´−`)人(´▽`★)/

Why, thanks. It’s… odd being recognized, but great to be welcomed. I put it off for a while, but I’ll definitely be giving it a go, now.

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Well… to be honest I was referencing a phenomenon that I found on a pic blog wherein if a contraption was designed by college students then it had the tendency to be categorized as “brilliant improvisation” but if the origin of the picture was from, say the South or some rural area, then it was attributed to “stupid rednecks”.

I suppose it was unfair of me to expect the BoingBoingNation to understand the source of my humorous observation without the requisite background. It is my hope that this clarification will help you to understand what a bunch of hypocrites you all are.

Hey, thanks for the compliments, fellas!

Now, I want to caution you in using language like "Roachie thinks… " because:

  1. You cannot possibly know what I think
  2. What you are actually doing is telling the internet what YOU think.

Again, thanks!


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