Violent Femme's "Gone Daddy Gone" (1983)


You made my afternoon. Thanks!

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That purple graphic stuck permanently to the corner of the video really ruins it.

Here’s a higher-quality video, presented as it was intended to be seen:

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Quick: name another anthem of your youth that features a xylophone.

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The one and only time the xylophone was ever the cool instrument in Band Class, and the first tape I ever played in my first car.

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Is anyone else seeing a lot of Jean-Luc Godard in this video?

Change by Tears for Fears.

Girls by the Beastie Boys - 1987

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One of my favourite bands of the eighties. Me and all my friends had the whole album memorized. Definitely one of the most influential albums in my last couple of years of highschool.

wow, this reminds me of back when MTV played music videos. COOL, thanks

@FallHammer I feel ya. didn’t have a car 'til later but the same spirit of what I said here in the last VF thread :beers:

@mzed I was hoping someone would actually grab that brass ring. I was not aware of this one, but good pick. kudos for choosing a live performance to silence my skepticism that TFF would have synthesized the xylophone

@kangaroosevelt boy is my face red. should’ve thought of this one :metal:

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That looks like Top of the pops, So is unlikely to be a live performance.


‘Tears for Fears’ AAARRGGHHH! I HATE THEM. I HATE THEM. I HATE THEM. Mostly I hate them for ‘Woman in Chains’. As there was a time when every bloody sound engineer used it to check the rig. THEN THE NEIGHBOURS DOWN STAIRS STARTED PLAYING IT ALL THE TIME!

and breathe



Oh man EVERY house party I ever went to in the 80’s and 90’s if any of VF songs was be played EVERYbody would start singing, the funny part was that even the worse singer/shouter would sound cool singing the Femmes.

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This song popped up on Radio Abel during my run this morning. Fun fact, this is a very good pace song for running 9:00 min/mile.

Wow, I bought this album in '83 and have NEVER seen the video. Cool, thanks.

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