Music Video: "Lets Go All The Way," Sly Fox (1985)




Very cool.


Man, the 80’s were just so awesome.


This video seems to be a perfect representation of what LSD was like in the 1980s.


I seem to recall buying this '45 around the about the same time I bought I Wanna Be A Cowboy…


Ah yes, Sly Fox. That’s Parliament/Funkadelic’s Gary “Mudbone” Cooper.

Never would have picked up on the song’s anti-violence meaning without the video…


This is hardly the worst thing played on the radio back in '85.


I love that song so much. DAT KICK, THOUGH.

Insane Clown Posse does a kick-ass version of it as well:


Video - retro, tune - meh. I’ll see your Sly Fox and raise you one Rasberries (1974). At least they said please. Well, technically they said she said.


today I learned that “A Fly Girl” by the Boogie Boys was built around a sample. huh. had no idea. i’m supposed to know this kind of stuff.


Pretty sure this is lurking on a VHS tape in a box somewhere in my house. Haven’t heard it in ages, though!


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