My Friday Jam: "Everything She Wants," Wham! (1984)

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My first ever tape was Wham! Make It Big. Really no idea how that happened. I brought it to summer camp one day to share with everyone, and ended up leaving it there.

Oh man.

whenever I think of wham I think of the young guys who tried so hard to look like george michael because george michael was a stud who could have any girl he wanted. and then I think of that one time there was a room of them standing around a tv watching this video and saying yeah, no way that guy is gay while they licked their lips. (I was sort of punker at the time)

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Catchy, but also probably the darkest moment for 80s synth pop. The poor guy narrating the story really sounds like he’s fucked.

I love this song. It’s like textbook 1980s pop. Ambiguously gay lead singer, check. Catchy synthesizer hook, check. Dark lyrics with upbeat accompaniment, check.

Every time this (or What a Fool Believes) would play on the radio when playing Grand Theft Auto V I’d turn up the goddamm volume.

Cool song, put ixnay on the vinyl, since it’s not 1984.

Looking back, the signs were there

Freedom has stood the test of time

Dear fucking god, I am so old as to think that this was new. Well, at least I knew that “Wake me up before you go” was THE gayest thing ever.

this was definitely a camp jam for me. the one councilor DJ’d the staff’s tape collection at the social dances with the analogously-aged girls’ village. Eleven-year-old girls with 2XL white tees that said “WHO CARE WHAT FRANKIE SAY”

oh yeah, I remember.

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