Metal Guitarists play Game of Thrones theme

Metal stars of yesteryear goof around in a studio.

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For a minute it sounded like Guitar Center 1988.



Sounds better than I ever did in '88…


You didn’t hang out in Guitar Center enough. :wink:


Tom Morello had the best solo, by far… Also, the branded ones are pretty, but the Lannister one is the prettiest of all.

Also, the only real metal star is Ian Scott, by my reckoning, anyways. I don’t think Extreme counts (hair metal maybe). And Rage was always kind of doing their own thing, melding elements of metal and hip hop… /pedantry


Not surprising…he would be the best guitarist there hands down (Bettencourt would be 2nd, but by a serious stretch).

Agreed on the “true” metal point…really only Anthrax was a metal band.

It was also interesting to see their fender custom shop choices…OFC Paisley uses a Tele and you can hear the twang when they iso him. Weird that Bettencourt was using a Jazzmaster…I don’t recall him ever playing on one before.

Yeah, Morello was awesome!! :metal:

For me it was all about the obvious fun they were having, just really enjoying jamming together, and not sounding like they do in their respective bands.

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Oh yeah, it was totally fun to watch! That’s really what making music is often about, just jamming and having fun.

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That’s why I play, for fun and sanity. Jamming is where the real fun is, and I LOVE seeing people just playing rather than “showing off.”

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