Anti-super PAC ads from anti-super PAC super PACs


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I dunno, these seem like pretty normal Democratic Party ads to me.

Gil Fulbright is a brilliant idea.

When I saw that Mayday PAC and were working together for the New Hampshire campaign, I upped my contribution to both.


from the MAYDAY FAQ:

Is the Mayday PAC partisan?
No, and in fact, during our crowdfunding rounds, we allowed our donors to earmark their contributions to help “Democrats Only,” “Republicans Only,” or “Whatever Helps.” The vast majority – between 70-80% – chose “Whatever Helps.” We’re not interested in pushing policies for the Left or the Right, but to free Congress to lead on issues that the Left and the Right care about.

While it may seem party specific, it’s not - it’s issue specific.


The Mayday PAC: fighting fire with fire aboard The Hindenburg.

Nice ads, though.

Dovetailing onto what @kpkpkp has noted, here is a snippet from Lessig’s tumblr

Link to full article.

Bound may have meant that it could be mistaken for normal Democratic Party ads, which maybe don’t come from super PACs that much. It would be interesting to see how many D and how many R candidates are helped with the “whatever helps” donations.

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