Mayday anti-super-PAC backs anti-corruption senate candidate in NH GOP primary


I’m curious to see how this all plays out.

I’m from NH.

Thing is, NH is pretty conservative, but it’s a New England conservative, which is more like old-school-Heinlein-libertarian than Bible-belt-southern-conservative. The live free or die thing is taken pretty seriously.

If there’s one thing that never goes over well, it’s someone from out of state coming in to tell us how we should be running things.

He does have some “moderate” positions that are fairly in-line with NH’s general trends, but having someone lose a campaign in one state and then relocate here to run for one of our seats? Especially a Masshole? That’s not going to go over well.


No doubt we have common national interests in our U.S. Senate members, but we also need to be respectful of crossing boundaries that lead to perceptions of “outside interest”. I don’t see this playing out well in practice.

If elected, he will no doubt be in Comcast’s pocket by Dec 1.

A vote against Scott Brown is almost never a vote misplaced, and now NHers will have the added delight of supporting campaign finance reform!

DO IT, GUYS! Call your friends!

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