Midterms: Find an anti-corruption candidate in your ZIP-code




A lot of people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some.
I’ll reform you, you soft-headed son of a bitch. How we gonna run reform? We’re the incumbent!


Already knew about mine, and will continue to vote for him.

I find it kind of funny that one of the few states to have an anti-corruption candidate is one of the states known most for corruption. My argument is: the reason everyone knows about our corruption is because our State’s Attorney finds and prosecutes offenders instead of taking bribes to keep the status quo. This is a good thing.


I has a sad. All we’ve got are status quo candidates. =(


I’d say move to Illinois, but you wouldn’t make the residency requirements in time to vote today!


That’s OK. At least my presumed Rep should vote my interests fairly well. Her husband did so for 50-ish years (not representing me, personally, I’m not that old). Carl Levin’s replacement in the Senate is still a bit of a question mark, though. The choice is status quo or self-loathing know-nothing. ::whomp whomp::


(unfortunately, most Americans do not get an anti-corruption option ever)



At first I wondered, what is the point of this interactive map? There are only 8 candidates.

But then I saw that you can switch it to House candidates. It’s easy to miss that part.


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