Midterms: Find an anti-corruption candidate in your ZIP-code


A lot of people like that reform. Maybe we should get us some.
I’ll reform you, you soft-headed son of a bitch. How we gonna run reform? We’re the incumbent!

Already knew about mine, and will continue to vote for him.

I find it kind of funny that one of the few states to have an anti-corruption candidate is one of the states known most for corruption. My argument is: the reason everyone knows about our corruption is because our State’s Attorney finds and prosecutes offenders instead of taking bribes to keep the status quo. This is a good thing.


I has a sad. All we’ve got are status quo candidates. =(

I’d say move to Illinois, but you wouldn’t make the residency requirements in time to vote today!

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That’s OK. At least my presumed Rep should vote my interests fairly well. Her husband did so for 50-ish years (not representing me, personally, I’m not that old). Carl Levin’s replacement in the Senate is still a bit of a question mark, though. The choice is status quo or self-loathing know-nothing. ::whomp whomp::

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(unfortunately, most Americans do not get an anti-corruption option ever)



At first I wondered, what is the point of this interactive map? There are only 8 candidates.

But then I saw that you can switch it to House candidates. It’s easy to miss that part.

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