Congress wants to shut down broadband competition - ACT NOW!




Such a clear cut case of corruption. Blackburn needs to be removed from office and put into prison.


This has no place in the Fed-sphere, and should be addressed state-by-state. Lame that this Federal HR is coming after her received donations ( remember, for future HR’s that both parties reps are swayed with donations ). If it were state-by-state then each county/city could decide if they are economically stable enough to provide wi-fi, but if the gov is going to provide wi-fi then one could extrapolate that the gov should provide cell coverage/data as well. Whats the difference? And one could argue that cell coverage/data is more valuable to the [American definition of] poor than free wi-fi would be.


What broadband competition? I’m in the third largest city in the U.S. Residential customers have a choice of one.


To date, 20 states have already placed limits/bans on municipal ISPs.


I think you may have missed the point. States are not allowing competition. The FCC is planning to overrule the states and give those counties and cities the right to competition.


It’s like a popup turkey timer, except for corruption. Ms. Blackburn, you are done.


It certainly seems corrupt.

But I don’t know how you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that one (campaign donations) are the cause of the other (stance on various issues) instead of the other way around. As you’re well aware, fixing the money in politics problem would go a long way to reducing corruption.


Only $47k? My word, she’s inexpensive. A bargain.


Yeah, I know she’s not going to prison for her obvious corruption, but it’s cathartic for me to vent. I also think it’s good for Americans to express themselves and let her know how despised she is in forums throughout the Internet. I doubt she reads boing boing, but I suspect some of her lackeys and handlers peruse social media. People need to be shamed, in my opinion.

I’ll probably give her office some more correspondence as well letting her know how much I appreciate corrupt scumbags like her continuing to ruin this country and screw over the American public for the almighty buck.

fixing the money in politics problem would go a long way to reducing corruption.

A good reminder to send more donations:



Thats fine, let the people of those states figure it out. It’s not really a Fed issue.

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