Anti-Trident activists poster London with "Become a Suicide Bomber" spoof naval recruiting ads

Here’s another poster I did on this subject not too long ago.


Interesting. Thanks for the information.

Does a bomb have to be explosive? If an aircraft were to drop a big (but inert) lump of metal for destructive effect, would that be a bomb?

Typically bombs are explosive. Apparently the original Greek term bombos is onomatopoetic for booming.

I suppose that at some point a sufficiently dense material falling at a high rate of speed may be considered a bomb but we haven’t gotten to that point.


If the word comes from the Greek, surely the word “bomb” is older than the idea of a device dropped from an aircraft.


Rods from God?


Right. The full term the military uses is “aerial bomb” but it’s often shortened to just “bomb.” Obviously bomb is often used to describe things that are usually classified as explosive devices (roadside bomb vs improvised explosive device) but I have never seen it used to describe a missile until this poster. Again I am openly admitting to being exceedingly pedantic here.

Exactly what I was thinking about.

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I appreciate the annoyance that imprecision in terminology can cause, but growing up during the Cold War I was aware of two things:

  1. there were things called nuclear bombs (or hydrogen bombs, if you wanted to be fancy)
  2. when they came to obliterate us, they would be delivered on the tips of great big missiles.

Yoir are not only being pedantic to the point of ignoring the main issue you are also ignoring the various official definitions of bomber. One can argue the aB in B52 stands for Boeing but it stands for Bomber no amtter what the details of its payload are.

I would buy one of those. :slight_smile: More from my early exposure to M Python then anything else.

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Also, why would the Russians waste a missile (or multiple missiles, as land based missiles are restricted by treaty to single warheads) on killing a now useless submarine?

So, global thermonuclear war has a post-conflict rally point? Do you even weather, bro?

How about this one:

The V-1 missile or V-1 flying bomb —also known to the Allies as the buzz bomb, or doodlebug—was an early cruise missile

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