Antifa vs Anti-Fascist Nitpicking

Wilt Chamberlain would be an awesome Gandhi, especially in his outfit from Conan the Destroyer.


Full disclosure; If you heard my politics, you could say I was socialist, progressive or communist in direction. What I am telling you isn’t theoretical nor is it in criticism to the Antifaschistische Aktion. They were Communists. And just as “Nazi” was short-hand for “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei”, “Antifa” was for the AA. When you have actual history that can be seized upon you don’t want to empower the other side and they do so love to demonize people as Communist. Hell, as you recognize McCarthy you should know this. I personally want to give the Jan 6th idiots as little ammunition to sway people as possible.

Meh, fuck’em. That crowd isn’t great on reality or coherent thought anyway. I have zero concern for what they think or say.


(Laughs) YOU AND I ARE IN SO MUCH AGREEMENT. And, in the opposite role, Deloise would surprise everyone.


Totally agree, except for the part it’s not what I meant. This country has a history with judging people for being communists. And a lot of them still hold the same grudge. Authoritarianism of any kind is bad, really.

Until they march on the Capitol. I can’t out-of-hand dismiss these people so easily.

Again, I still don’t give a shit what they think or want to believe. If they want to government and murder our elected leaders, they can be put down as the violent terrorist mob they are. We let too many traitors walk away free after 1/6. They should have been filling jails, hospitals and morgues, not train/bus stations and airports.

Just because people want to be violent assholes, doesn’t mean I have to care what they think. It means I care even less about such things. I am not giving up my country over to fascist morons. I don’t need to appease mobs. That only enables them.


In what way? That you take them and their conspiracy theories seriously? Or you’re concerned about them being an actual threat to democracy?


In what way?
Or you’re concerned about them being an actual threat to democracy?

January 6th, 2021. A small threat, but it wasn’t an isolated incident.

That you take them and their conspiracy theories seriously?

It’s not that I take their conspiracy theories seriously. It’s the 20% of the country that does. Like I said previously, I don’t like giving the enemy ammunition.

Yes, I know…

Yes, I know…

Yes, I know…

Do you think that literally anything you do or say won’t be used as ammunition except for saying “you are right, Trump is god, MAGA.” It’s a mistake to assume that they won’t turn anything against the “enemy”. Bending yourself into pretzels to please them helps nothing except giving them more power than they already have… which isn’t as much as people want to assume.


What exactly is it that you are trying to say here? It seems that your only objection to antifa is the name and only because it derives form a historic Communist organization (not that there’s anything wrong with Communism) and only because the wrong sort of people could use that historic connection to accuse antifa of Communism (not that there’s anything wrong with Communism).

If that is your only concern, then I find it rather outlandish, if only because the “wrong sort of people” about whom you are worried have no grasp of history whatsoever and so are less likely to stumble upon these ancient Communist links than they are to invent all kinds of bizarre conspriacy theories about antifa, which they already are doing with abandon.


It constantly amazes me how much people worry that saying things slightly wrong will give ammunition to a group well known to make things up without any basis in fact…yet apparently not worry that endlessly tripping ourselves and policing opposition to them to make sure none of it can be less than perfect might help them at all.


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The MAGA “movement” started with straight up lies about immigrants! They live in a fact-free world, and will use whatever terminology fits their agenda. They don’t care about what a proper definition and what isn’t. They care about “sticking it to” everyone they hate - which is all of us who disagree with them.


Bending yourself into pretzels to please them helps nothing except giving them more power than they already have

Looking at history, using history is hardly giving them more power.

I am Anti-Fascist. I’m not Antifa. That’s an organization and some parts of it has ties to the Communist party and I’m not a Communist. History is important. Otherwise we wouldn’t put any importance on the history of Fascism.

How you or I formulate our arguments should be considered the basis of how the opposition formulates theirs.

Good for you. Maybe stop policing others self-identification.

Except they live in an entirely different reality than we do. And speaking of history - they are literally attempting to tear down our system of teaching history in order to install right wing propaganda in public schools that ignores ACTUAL history.

And yes, I’m a historian, so I know history matters.


Fair. What are your thoughts on Black Bloc?

Good for you. Maybe stop policing others self-identification

I’m not. I’m saying that if you consider yourself Antifa, you’re going to be considered a Communist, that’s all.

Except they live in an entirely different reality than we do

No, no they don’t. Both sides as this debate has illustrated have a habit of picking and choosing their facts. I can show a clear link to Communism and its Leninist flavor of the day with research and history. You dismiss that as either not so or irrelevant. You, sir, are picking and choosing.

They are in the same category as “reverse racism”, “political correctness”, “left wing terrorism” and “NAMBLA” as things more people talk about opposing than show evidence of existing in any significant fashion.


Your attention to detail is severely lacking.


Expand on that if you could.