Antivax propaganda is eroding support for childhood vaccines

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Do your OWN research because you’re totally qualified to analyze scientific study results even though you can’t be bothered to read the instructions when assembling IKEA furniture that doesn’t even have any words!




No matter where you stand [for or against science], we encourage you to do your OWN research [even if you can’t spell “earthly”] and make informed decisions! [informed by quack doctors like Wakefield and by dopey celebrities like Jenny McCarthy]. Everyone has a right to choose what’s best for their family! [and anti-vaxxers choose measles and whooping cough for their children]


We (as a species) seem bound and determined to wipe ourselves out, don’t we? We figure out that fossil fuels, among many other things, are bad for our environment, we double down. We figure out a way to deal with many common diseases that kill us, we avoid it… The fuck, humanity. Get your shit together or we’re not going to have a humanity much longer.


Well, I’m still surprised that it’s so many.


I wonder what the effect would be if the Medical Insurers refused to pay for treatment of conditions for which a vaccine was available and wasn’t taken?


:“Thanks, Facebook!”
Well, lies are people, too ya know. Heck, some people even think that Zuckerberg is an actual hu-man.


… and then they look in to his eyes, and learn the hideous truth.


“Dumb fucks.”


People would probably stop taking their kids to doctors at all.



Wouldn’t it be nice if herd immunity wasn’t a thing suddenly and only people of intelligence who were vaccinated were spared from the next giant plague?

To be clear I don’t want to see anybody die but I do want to see stupidity turn the fuck around. The kids that aren’t vaccinated often don’t have a choice because it’s their parents that are stupid and they should not have to suffer because the people that birthed them are ignorant morons

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Those of us in the waiting room who don’t want to be exposed would count that as a win. Bonus points if these folks would be forced to home school their children.


One of the biggest issues causing the downturn in vaccine support is the dying off of the greatest generation. They grew up in the last era of polio, measles, mumps, rubella, pertussis, diphtheria and tetanus. They saw their friends get sick and sometimes die. BUT, starting with the expansion of public health in the 1950’s, their children were given the opportunity to get vaccinated and the numbers of baby boomers that got sick from these diseases dropped precariously through the 1960’s. The baby boomers as parents just did what the doctors told them and followed the vaccination schedule because they knew what their parents told them about the horrors of these diseases. Now that the grandparents of genX are dying off and the genXers are having kids, they don’t have any relation to the horrors of these diseases wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. If you are a parent and you are considering not vaccinating your children, please please please go find the oldest relative in your family and ask them what it was like with polio and measles and how when the vaccines were made available people were ACTUALLY dancing in the streets with joy because there was something to stop the scourge of these diseases. I can’t understand how people think that vaccines are bad, just compare the rates of these diseases prior to the availability of the vaccine and after. Do you really want to be responsible for bringing these diseases back? Children actually DIE from the measles, yes it is only about 0.1%, but that equals thousands of kids a year if no-one is getting vaccinated. Polio? DO you even know what an iron lung is? Who doesn’t like the polio vaccine? Oh, right, its the taliban in western Pakistan that kill the aid workers that provide the vaccine. And Jenny McCarthy. She should be put into an iron lung with the Taliban. Permanently.


I’m absolutely shocked that Republican middle-aged men with limited education could think they know better than doctors.


It’s similar to the resurgence of fascism. There was a time when a critical mass of old people were present to respond to “maybe I shouldn’t get my kids vaccinated” or “let’s give these right-wing populists a chance at power” with a definitive “are you out of your bloody mind?”


A vaccination against polio existed but although strenuous exercise helped spread the disease around the host’s body, making attacks significantly more serious, no [soccer] club had thought to inoculate their team. This reflected a wider reticence: Jonas Salk’s vaccine, administered in a series of normally three injections, had been introduced to the UK in 1956, initially being offered only to children, but the take-up had been slow. An early scare in America, where the vaccine had been rushed to market so hastily in some cases it still contained enough live virus to cause polio, had not helped build enthusiasm. By 1958 only 53% of children in England and Wales who were eligible for inoculation had received the vaccine. In the middle of that year the vaccine was for the first time offered to those aged between 18 and 26; in the first three months of eligibility, of the 6,250,000 British adults suddenly able to get vaccinated, only 13,324 had received two injections, and 26,947 had received one.


great story, thanks for sharing.


Vaccinations! Fake News! Welcome to Trumplandia.