Don't argue about vaccination with Rob Schneider if you value your sanity


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It’s against parental rights.

Yeah, like not letting parents starve their children, physically or sexually abuse their children, sell their children, or kill their children. I fully expect to see him supporting these “parental rights” also if he wants to be consistent.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess there’s a reason why his career tanked.

What gets me is that many of these people also berate climate change deniers on the grounds of not being willing to listen to the science. What a bunch of dingleberries.

Could you name a few of the ‘many’? As you want to inform my opinion with facts, I think you might have a go at it.


His comedy has gotten so obtuse. I’m having a hard time laughing at this monologue. Wait, he’s serious?!

Edit: No efficacy studies? How about all of human history before and up to immunizations?


I encounter a surprising number of parents who actually believe they have “rights” rather than only responsibilities when it comes to their children.


In fairness, the kind of efficacy studies that these people want are the kind that are considered to be monstrously unethical. You can’t run double-blind randomized control groups on children to see whether half get autism, and the other half die of diseases we cured almost a century ago.

I’ve read a little on the topic, and honestly, the Anti-vax crowd has been around since the beginning of vaccination. The one common thread seems to be that it’s a social phenomenon predicted on a distrust of the authorities and elites.

I wonder what might have brought that on…


Instead of shaming, somebody help him out.


No, continue to shame him. Shame them all. Look, you want to write letters to the editor about chemtrails or fluoride in the water? Knock yourself out. You’re dumb, you’re misinformed, we get it, and we all move on. Me, I think the Red Sox will win it every year. We all believe crazy things (this is the year!).

But when your dumb wrong beliefs make some kid die, and you want everyone else to hope on the Let’s Let Kids Die For No Fucking Reason bandwagon, go fuck yourself. You should be ashamed of being so wrong about this.


Clearly nobody inoculated him when he was young. Kids can catch the nastiest ideas if you’re not careful.


Being wrong isn’t the problem. I won’t shame anyone for being misinformed and even recalcitrant. No harm, no foul. But when you SPREAD the manure, you can’t complain about the vapors.

also, to all ye white knights: Rob Schneider can defend himself.


Bill Maher for one. He just did a show attacking climate-change deniers as being “flat earthers” ignoring the scientific evidence and yet a couple of weeks ago he did an anti-vaccine show where he ignored every bit of science in regard to vaccines.


Thank you for the answer. I’m not sure I agree, but still thank you.

We can count the host of a controversial show where people yell constantly about controversies as one of these ‘many’ who berate things without listening, but perhaps I should have clarified: Can you name a few of the ‘many’, and not include ones who are making a living off of the controversy itself.

My point I guess is that they’re not dingleberries. They’re mostly con men.

Well, that’s one explanation, that Maher’s inconsistencies arise from him simply being a professional troll on TV, but this habit of being right on environmental issues and wrong on medical issues seems to represent a real demographic in society. I don’t normally shop at Whole Foods, but when I go to one I see lots of locally grown produce that the normal supermarket doesn’t. Okay, good, the shoppers here worry about environmental issues. But at the same time I see shelves of homeopathic “medicines” from Boiron for sale that you don’t see at a normal supermarket. Not good. That implies the shoppers at Whole Foods are attracted to such nonsense.


No need to paint with the gigantic generalization brush. Whole Foods also carries meat and feminine hygiene products — does that imply that male vegetarians don’t shop there?


My point is actually that his being a professional troll on TV arises from his inconsistencies.

Follow that money.


But those are also carried by normal grocery stores. To see what the demographic Whole Foods is attracting you have to look at what they carry that the normal stores don’t.

Or you just have to accept that there is a hippie store in your market, where you shop because there is no corn syrup in anything (except the corn syrup, that has corn syrup in it).

My local WF has a Yoga studio in the middle of it.

No copies of “101 reasons not to vaccinate” or “how to throw measles parties” at the register, though.

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There actually is that kind of propaganda at my gym, which has a chiropractic office in it. This week: “Ditch the Flu Shot! Learn the benefits of B12 Injections instead!”

I actually asked the chiropractor if he has a license to prescribe and administer vitamin injections. He answered by throwing back: “do you need a license to administer an epipen?” I had to just scoff and walk away rather than throwing a 40lb weight at his head, which was what I really wanted to do.


I’m sure such literature exists. But not at WF in my experience. So it is hard to say the crowd there is wrong on the science of vaccines (not that you were, but someone here was). It’s easy to say many of them are wrong on the science of dose and response, however.

And what is the chiropractors opinion on climate change?