Any movement on being able to opt out of Secret Rune?

I find this Secret Rune “tool” a complete and utter bollocks. When will we be able to make it go away?


A single bollocks?

And you want to get rid of them… it, you say?

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You can already. It’s not immediately obvious, but if you click on the secret rune icon, then the gear, sort of the middle right side of the popup, then all the way at the bottom of the new popup where it says “Don’t want to see runes on this site anymore?” and then click OK.


Or use adblock to avoid seeing it on any site.

I block all add-on crap anyway, as a matter of principle, but this one seems particularly odd. If BB links to something interesting and I want to share it, I’d want to share the source, not BB’s repost. Wouldn’t anyone?

One would think so. And yet…

Not unreasonable, but I give BB and some other sites passes to show me ads. If I could subscribe, I would, but as I can’t, I’m happy to let them subject me to ads so they can keep the lights on.

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Thanks. Back a few months ago BB said they were asking the providers to add this functionality, but I never heard that they had done so.

I’d be interested to know if there is anyone who likes and uses Secret Rune. I’ve only heard people displeased with it.

Not that I have any data one way or the other on this specific topic, but I can tell you from a decade of BB refactoring that people who are fine (or indifferent) to something rarely raise their hands to comment. I’m pretty sure that’s the nexus of the term “silent majority”, actually.

But yes, as stated above, you can disable it here.

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