Wtf is secret rune?


Is this malware that has infected my machine, or is it some intentional bs that’s now part of boingboing? Just in case it’s only me seeing it, It shows up as a little black and white icon on the side of the text of a boingboing post, and let’s you highlight sentences, and share with your friends.

What every website knows about you
Tim Cook confirms: tech met with Trump to ask for billions in tax breaks
Canada's telcoms regulator declares internet an "essential service"
Panasonic's in-flight entertainment systems have critical security flaws

Ikea to teenagers: stop hiding in closets until closing and then having illegal "sleepovers" in our stores

Thanks. I’ve been avoiding all things trumpian, so I would never have seen that explanation.


No worries. I’ve got that post bookmarked as you’re not the only one asking about it. :slight_smile:

FWIW, NoScript should probably kill it.


I’ve passed along the request for an opt out.


Awesome, thanks! If I spot anymore questions, I’ll point people here, save me spamming you with notifications. :smiley:


I’m using NoScript, and I don’t see anything like what is being described. In the drop-down list of scripts trying to run, however, there is nothing new that might be related to Rune.

Since I’m not interested in a social sharing tool, I also would like an opt-out, or preferably an opt-in.

Thanks, @M_M, for helping out here.


The should show in your list (the others only ran after I whitelisted them to see what all the bother was).


Adding that to my Adblocker fixed it, but I can’t help but think it’s a bit of a blunt instrument way of doing it.

Also, Hey, the BBS has a front page! Who knew?!


It appears in Privacy Badger too if you have it, so you can block it from there


I can see it too. It’s annoying inasmuch as I can no longer select and highlight text.

Will add to the blacklist.


I really hope BoingBoing is being paid to host this…


Do not want.


When your app is suspected as possibly being malware, you’re doing something wrong.

Seems like an ill fit for the site, but maybe it’ll be the next big thing.


Found it. It’s under “recently blocked sites” on the drop down list. Thanks, NoScript!


If you’re inclined and you’re using uBlock, go to the dashboard, my rules tab … press the edit button under Temporary rules, and add:

* * block

Once you’ve verified that it works, you can click the commit button.


Adding* to my uBlock filter list did the trick.
While I was in there, I also added blocks for***

Now my bb pageloads are much faster.


Rune is working on an opt out.


Just to throw some more unsolicited coins in ---- I loathe anything that starts popping up things when I select + highlight text, which I do frequently to search and/or mark my position in a text.

Can these folks do something that makes it activate after an activation click, not on highlight?


Yes, thank you for mentioning that it shows when you select stuff (on BoingBoing articles/topsite.) Now I can pretend to freak out and move on to the ‘what were they thinking’ notion, knowing semi-well that it was just getting some person to stop tripping out on the same exact VR near a Usual Table at a place.