Trump Org pressures Embassy of Kuwait to move event from Four Seasons to Trump’s D.C. hotel

Are you saying that the Secret Service is inadequate?


Paging @jlw


If you’re going to insult others, you first might want to make sure your own comments are completely error-free.


Trump Org.
Scientology Org.

Hmm, yeah. Maybe Trumpology can steal Tom Cruise and switch him to a T-meter?

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And I’ll look down and whisper, “No.”

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Apparently the hotel is (shock!) not very good:

You will be amazed to discover that

the décor (is) a little garish and more quantity over quality


I know I’ll get flack for this, and I don’t want to imply that it is OK for Trump. But how is this different from the Clinton’s money making schemes?

Where was the outrage when we were picking nominees?

It looks interesting. Feels like Microsoft tried to implement something similar in IE, but it didn’t take off because it wasn’t sleek and sexy like this Rune thing.

Or in his hand.


So the GSA is already telegraphing that they don’t intend to enforce their own agreement?

“GSA does not have a position that the lease provision requires the president-elect to divest of his financial interests,” a spokesperson for the agency wrote. "We can make no definitive statement at this time about what would constitute a breach of the agreement, and to do so now would be premature.

Or are they just trying to make their eventual takedown that much more delicious?

(I’m really hoping someone will actually stand up to the goblin.)

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Initial feedback: the Top Runes seem to be clickbaits. Not sure if that’s what you’re going for.

You’ve opened me eyes. Those are nearly identical situations that require no leaps in logic or hypotheticals to compare in any way, cannot be handled as distinct topics, and both are equally important issues as of 12/20/2016.


It wouldn’t shock me if he threw himself a pity party and resigned because he couldn’t run his businesses.

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Seems like the US got itself more than a new president, they got a 51st state of Trump.


He’d still be a better president than Trump.

Just think of all the jobs he’d provide and the advances in science and medicine


Well, the obvious difference is that the Clinton Foundation is a charity which doesn’t actually enrich the Clintons, whereas the Trump Hotel in D.C. is a for-profit business which puts money directly into Donald Trump’s wallet. I mean, obviously.

Charity Watch gives the Clinton Foundation an A rating. That’s even higher than their rating for The Red Cross. And this high rating seems to be pretty consistent across other charity evaluation organisations. So the Clinton Foundation charity appears, to a casual examination, to be being run well, and there’s no indication that it’s diverting funds to the Clintons, as you imply.

So these two stories aren’t even remotely comparable.


One of the more interesting prospects of the global Trump-branded property empire is that just about anyone could start the Reichstag fire.

Somebody is going to get the idea to shoot up a Trump Tower somewhere in the world.


You call that interesting?

I admit that I struggled for an adjective. Proverbially interesting.