Trump Organization to Congress: Upholding the Constitution "diminishes the experience of our brand"

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Sounds like some special snowflakes are asking to be treated specially and asking for people to be nice to them.

Are they… Triggered?


It would be weird for a hotel to ask every visitor if they were coming on behalf of a foreign government, but MAYBE TURNIP SHOULD HAVE CONSIDERED THAT BEFORE NOT DIVESTING!



Fun constitution fact: Doesn’t include a ‘of course if any of this is too much of a ball-ache to implement you can just skip it’ article, in fact there’s mechanisms in place for the exact opposite!


Not exactly shocking, is it? Every promise about ethics has been broken.

It’s the Trump approach for everything - promise they’ll resolve some ethics issue (e.g. “he’ll have a blind trust!”), position themselves such that they’re keeping all their businesses running as usual but they insist they’ll still somehow resolve the issue by doing the necessary work (e.g. “ok, it won’t be a blind trust, but he’ll not be running or directly connected to the business”), and then, of course, not doing anything at all because they never had any intention of doing anything about it in the first place. (Because he never cared about the presidency enough to make any sacrifices at all, which meant running his businesses as normal and thus unavoidable massive ethical conflicts.)


They’re edging up to the Mike Flynn defense- providing this information would be a violation of their fifth amendment rights.


Uh. You’re assuming there were any ethics to be broken.


Staying at a Hotel is not giving money, any more than staying at the white house saves someone money and is a contribution. And the president has put his business in a trust…like all other presidents. Also the proceeds for hotel stays have been agreed to be donated. . …meanwhile, boing boing pitches drug and smoking paraphernalia to it´s viewers.

When foreign guests pay “extra premium rates” to stay at a Trump hotel on dates when Trump will be there, in hopes that their ‘contribution’ to the hotel gets them an audience with the President… that’s an issue.

Run by his sons, which he can pull money from anytime he wants to. No other president has ever done that.

They changed their mind about that and will not donate.

Also, bidets, for your messy ass.


Imagine the kind of suckers who thought his priority when running for President was anything other than drawing attention to his personal/business brand. What a bunch of rubes.

And of course, the long-term value of the brand is diminishing as more people grow to loathe the name and anything associated with it. This is the kind of “business acumen” that led to his losing money on a casino resort.


At first, I thought your post was a bit of subtle irony, and I read it with some amusement.

However, I read other posts of yours over the past couple of years, and you seem to honestly believe the material you write. But you get no converts to your point of view, and little engagement. As put forth in the nungesser’s response, most of the statements you write are quickly refuted, with links to relevant information.

Since you haven’t really changed your own views by interacting on this board, and since you aren’t persuading others to see the world as you do, I’m curious as to the purpose of your postings in the comments.



Feel free to keep believing a man who has done nothing but lie and deceive.

And while I do not partake of the paraphernalia that BB posts and offers for purchase to its readers, they are perfectly legal items for sale. That’s capitalism. BB has no constitutional requirement as they ARE NOT AN ELECTED OFFICIAL.

But you know. Go on with your fucking backwards ass mind set.


I heard Donald Rump raped and murdered a prostitute in 2009.

@timx doesn’t need any proof more than anonymous internet comments, so that’s the truth!

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Uh… you’re wildly uninformed.


“glossy, eight-page pamphlet that contains a total of 40 sentences,”

In fairness, that’s like 20 tweets. /s


I imagine there are a lot of aspects of the Constitution that diminish profitability.

Slavery comes to mind.

Maybe that’s a straw man argument, since the Trump Organization isn’t defending the right to own slaves, but as I see it either the Constitution means something or it means nothing. If the law is bad for your bottom line that doesn’t mean you get to disregard the law, tell it to OSHA or the FDA.

Trump gets away with this kind of thing because the GOP allows him to get away with it, and GOP voters are apparently OK with it too. But if a Democrat so much as proposes national health care coverage, then suddenly it’s a Constitutional issue that must be argued all the way to the Supreme Court. And you know what, that’s fine-- that’s the way our system works. If Trump wants to argue the emoluments clause doesn’t apply to him then he can argue it in court, but he can’t just disregard the law.


Rules are only to be used in your favor or against the other guy. If you break the rules…well, you didn’t, or not really, or not much. If they break the rules, it’s the end of the world.


I suggest you read this (though I know you won’t):

The law is the law, there is not a special liberal Constitution and separate conservative Constitution, it applies to everyone equally (or is supposed to by design.)

If you are willing to forgive Trump this sin, then in fairness any Democratic President from now on should be allowed the same, and we should just put it in writing with an amendment negating the emoluments clause, then any foreign government can just pay Trump (or whoever) with no oversight. What could go wrong?