Trump refuses to explain how he'll handle business conflicts of interest as President until he's sworn in

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Oh FFS. Does anyone, ANYONE actually believe he will ever divest himself? He can’t even let go of the apprentice TV show. His MO has always been to get someone else to pay for his extravagant lifestyle. Guess who will be picking up the tab over the next few years.


Right after he releases his tax returns.


Only six weeks, and we’ll have all the answers and we’ll all see his reasonable and appropriate plan. This is exciting!


I’m sure that will be at the top of his to-do list right under releasing his tax returns.


Why are “we” operating under the impression that this any of this is an insurmountable amount of work for Trump personally? Doesn’t he have people to figure out these things for him?


What a shocker! Why, this is just like previous Trump promises to release pertinent information and become more transparent where he never did the things he promised he’d do! How surprising that he’d do that, yet again! What a coincidence!
I’m sure it’ll get put off until he enters office, at which point, if he ever addresses the issue ever again, it’ll not be in any sort of satisfactory manner, and it’ll be clear he’s not remotely divested.

I’m sure some credulous idiots do, even though it’s clearly not going to happen.

He probably can’t do that for the same reason he can’t divest - his finances are so fucked that he can’t even reveal any information about it, much less sell off his assets without the whole house of cards coming tumbling down. He’s spent decades in the past operating this way, it’s probably still true.


Kind of like, “We’ve got to pass it to find out what’s in it.”


Oligarchs are US! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


His divestment is mandated by the US Consitution, which Trump has already made clear he doesn’t respect. It’s also clear a lot of his teammates couldn’t give a shit about the Constitution unless it helps them gain more power. So he’s going to get away with the most corrupt administration since the Teapot Dome.

But there are still people around these parts who care about the rule of law, and the Republicans are going to lose some of them. That’s not justice, but it may help in 2018.


I think he may have a significant change of heart once everybody with a grudge against the united states realizes that any property with his name on it is an easy target. Unlike, say, a well-defended embassy.


Kind of like, “We’ve got to pass it to find out what’s in it.”

Ugh. Yet another fox news lie of omission that’s become gospel. It sounds so damn stupid you’d think people would realize their must be more to the story than just that. But, apparently not. Everybody just swallowed the fox news version hook, lie and sinker.

Pelosi (a member of the House of Representatives) was referring to the fact that the Senate needed to pass a bill so it could go through the standard reconciliation process with the already passed House version of the bill in order to produce the final bill. She was complaining that the GOP kept fear-mongering about things like death panels being in the final legislation when, without the Senate bill even being passed, no one could even begin to say what would be in the reconciled version.


He also said all the women who accused him of groping them were liars and he would provide evidence that they lied at “an appropriate time”.

He also promised to pay contractors.

He also promised to “drain the swamp”.

He’s a con man, pure and simple. Says whatever to get what he wants. Personally, I assume anything he says is a lie unless evidence or actions dictate otherwise.


Sure, but he won’t like what they have to say…It’s not the same as leaving them to work out the details of a deal he wants to do.

“Sir, you have to sell all your businesses. There really is no alternative.”

“Finding alternatives is what I hired you to do! You’re fired!”


I’m going to expose my extremely demented optimism/naivete here, so please…be kind: Is it possible he won’t get sworn in?

(runs and hides, peeking from behind snow-covered shrubbery)


I am still clinging to a tiny shred of hope that the R electors will fulfill their purpose and prevent this utterly insane thing from happening–but that would require them to admit that their party screwed up massively and that putting somebody, anybody else in office is better for the country and the world, and I don’t have a lot of faith in people doing the right thing these days. At least, not most people involved in politics :cry:


Possible? Yes. I can think of a dozen possible things that could happen in the next month that would result in him not getting sworn in. (My favourite is him going on Saturday Night Live and letting the country know that his campaign was a joke from start to finish).

Is it plausible that he won’t get sworn in? I don’t think so, but then, I didn’t think it was plausible that he’d get elected in the first place.


Either the Rs in the EC won’t seat him, in which case the Rs will seat whoever they want (from the R party) or they’ll wait until Rump gives them a reason to impeach, convict, and install Pence. There’s no reason to expect anything more.



There will be a few (<10?) Dem electors who will vote for Kasich instead of Clinton. Trump might lose…1?

I suspect that Pence/Priebus are picking quite a few of these appointments, not Trump.

Since I don’t think that Trump really cares one way or the other, he’s just farting around on Twitter being a useful idiot (he already basically offered Kasich the day job of President when he wanted him to be his running mate). The GOP will keep him there until he becomes too much of a liability and they can jettison him without upsetting too many of his voters.


The things Trump says are not even lies. A lie stands in some relation to a truth, a relationship of opposition. They don’t even attain the status of bullshit, of being said with willful disregard for the truth.

My impression at this point: I don’t know that Trump has any internal concept of things being true or not.

The things he says are pure speech acts. It appears to me that when he says something, it doesn’t have any particular relationship to any truth, or to anything he may have said earlier or may say later. It just means that felt to him like a good string of words to say or write at that moment - maybe because some people would applaud it, or maybe because it would make some people angry, or maybe because it would make some people shut up for a moment while they tried to figure it out, or maybe for no reason except he felt like it.