Trump to avoid "appearance" of business conflicts


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Does anyone think the GOP would act to impeach if Trump is found to be violating the emoluments clause?

Does anyone think there is anything Trump could do that would compel the GOP-controlled congress to impeach?


I believe him.


Here’s a better question: do you think the Republicans would rather have President Trump or President Pence?

I think the Republicans are ready to impeach Trump on day one, but they won’t do it until they can do it without losing face. President Pence is basically the right-wing wet-dream. Trump went from being a spoiler to being a useful idiot. When he stops being useful…


And just like that the entire Trump platform vanishes in a cloud of hot, noxious air.


Thanks for giving me nightmare fuel for the rest of the year. I just keep hoping that a meteor or something hits the capital on January 20th.


Barack Obama only tweeted once while President-elect:


This might be the question.


Remember the good ol’ days, when Stewart and Colbert made a mockery of the whole idea of Super PACs and Definitely Not Coordinating? I can’t seem to find a clip on Youtube.

I miss 2012.


Well, maybe if he stood in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shot someone…


Sure, the ethics firewall will prevent scandal from following him, but it will just sit on the other side of the wall and bark all night.


They don’t need impeachment for that, just the VP and a majority of the cabinet to declare him unfit. It goes back and forth a few times, and then it’s Acting-President Pence, and Trump is President in name only. Not unlike what happened to Mayor Rob Ford.


It would have to be a small child.

White, of course.

Preferably disabled.

Walking her dog (which may or may not be white, but which definitely is not a Chihuahua)

While praying (to the catholic god, naturally)

As she’s crossing the street.^

That might do the trick?

^ hat tip to @dragonfrog below


Oh, well that’s good then. As long as the form of the thing is maintained, who cares about the substance?


Thank you–for the next four years I’ll be quoting this as the perfect one sentence summary of Trump’s presidency.


Why does the dog have to be white?


This is why I don’t want Trump removed from office. I want him completely neutralized by GOP infighting and Democratic opposition and spewing incoherent nonsense on his Twitter feed for the next four years. I want the combination of mud-flinging by Trump and his supporters, combined with the lunacy and self-dealing of the GOP as a whole, to make the party as radioactive as possible. The GOP controls everything now, so let’s see them try to explain how it’s someone else’s fault when the election season returns. The other important step is to get the fucking “Third Way” Democrats out of leadership positions.


Well, definitely not a chihuahua. :smirk_cat:


How about a Borzoi?


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